Prepare for Success

The Yeast Elimination Program: Prepare for Success

Dr. Hendrix and I met last September to discuss my symptoms, such as difficulty concentrating and fatigue. In addition to thyroid dysfunction and food allergies, she spoke to me about her Yeast Elimination Program. I attempted this program and lasted about four weeks before I gave in to the temptations of carbohydrates (corn and potatoes are my biggest menaces). It’s time for me to start this program again because I have persistent symptoms of candidiasis. It is clear to me that I do not feel my best. I could certainly feel better. My aunt has presented with candidiasis symptoms for decades now, so we are embarking on this adventure together!

This week, I am making preparations for us. Here is my list of pre-program to-dos:

Create a shopping list: I am using the list of acceptable ingredients provided by Dr. Hendrix and removing items that stimulate an allergic reaction. For example, heavy cream is allowed on the program, but I react badly to dairy.

Clean out the cupboards: We are winding down with the prohibited items on the list. My aunt is finishing up her gluten-free rice crackers, while I give my gigantic package of corn tortillas away to a family member.

Ready some recipes: After browsing for recipes on, I selected a couple that do not contain any of the prohibited items for Phase 1. Some of the “Phase 1” recipes on that website contain Phase 2 items such as quinoa, so I was careful in my selection.

Cut the Caffeine: I drink several cups of black tea during the day as a substitute for coffee, the saddest allergen of mine. Coffee and black tea contain fungal elements and are not allowed on the program. When I stop drinking my normal source of caffeine, I am going to feel withdrawal symptoms (such as remarkable sleepiness). To lessen the blow, I am planning to taper off the large number of cups this week (one cup less each day) and make sure I have green tea handy to help my transition. Green tea is allowed on the program.

Plan the Day: When you implement the program, the yeast is supposed to die. When it does, it releases toxic byproducts that can make you feel bad, perhaps even flu-like. This is called the Herxheimer Reaction and its severity will vary in everyone. You may not feel any symptoms at all. But, in case I do feel bad, I am planning to start close to the weekend where I know that, if necessary, I can take it easy and recover.

Get Excited: It’s a little difficult to be happy about cutting out so many foods. It is not, however, impossible! I’m going to make a daily reminder in my phone’s calendar about why I am doing this program. What’s my motivation? I need to feel better so my brain will function its best for school. I also want to feel better because that makes it easier for me to be patient and helpful to others (…who wants to be a grumpy person?). Just the hope of feeling less tired all the time is plenty to get me excited, though.


With a little planning, we‘ll be off to an easier start!



Kathleen Perez